GEORGE AND JACK….Over at The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez comments about George Bush and Jack Abramoff:

The Abramoff picture stuff is so ridiculous. Of course he has a ridiculous number of pictures taken all the time. That members of the press ? who bring relatives to the White House for pictures with the president as a matter of form ? would make such a ridiculous deal out of it is nonsense.

Normally I’d sort of agree with this. Even the fact that the White House is so assiduously keeping us from seeing all these routine pics doesn’t necessarily mean much.

But when photo agencies go to the trouble of deleting pictures of Bush and Abramoff from their website, then deleting them permanently from their own CDs, and then claiming that they did it all on their own with no direction from the White House or anyone else ? well, that just starts to sound a little suspicious, doesn’t it? If the White House isn’t guilty of anything, why are they skulking around in shadows so much?

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