ENZO FOLLOWUP….I wasn’t planning to follow up on our local bizarro story, but here’s the latest on Stefan Eriksson and the crash last week of a million-dollar Ferrari Enzo in Malibu:

Eriksson survived the crash of the Ferrari, which was traveling at more than 160 mph, investigators said. When emergency workers arrived at the scene, Eriksson produced a card identifying him as “deputy commissioner” of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority police department’s antiterrorism unit, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

A few minutes later, two unidentified men arrived at the crash site on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and flashed cards and said they were from “homeland security,” according to a Sheriff’s Department report.

According the SGVTA website, they just hired a new chief of police, Philip Sugar. Ashley Posner, Chairman of the SGVTA Police Commission, had this to say: “Chief Sugar takes over at a time when mass transit is faced with perhaps its greatest challenges ever ? the post 911 era.” He failed to address the burning question of why the SGVTA, a tiny agency that provides transportation for the handicapped and disabled, believes that global terrorism is even a pressing concern, let alone its greatest challenge.

But at least they haven’t outsourced security to Dubai. That’s something.

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