ENZO UPDATE….For some reason the Great Enzo Saga hasn’t gotten much play outside the Los Angeles area, but for all you interested onlookers it looks like it’s finally wrapping up. The Ferrari Enzo that crashed into a power pole at 162 mph a couple of months ago wasn’t being driven by a mysterious German named Dietrich after all. Police now say that Stefan Eriksson, who initially claimed he was just a passenger, was at the wheel after all. And he was drunk. And the car was stolen. And so were Eriksson’s other $3 million worth of cars. And if that’s still not enough to get you interested, how about Eriksson’s supposed involvement with the “Swedish mafia”? Who knew the Swedes had their very own mafia?

Still no word on the identity of the “Homeland Security” guys who showed up at the scene of the crash, though. Stay tuned.