TONY SNOW….I was over at my sister’s house today helping her get her new DSL connection up and running on her new laptop ? which worked fine, thankyouverymuch, but boy, those Verizon people really want you to use Outlook Express ? and the subject of Tony Snow came up. Why does everyone think his appointment is such a big deal, we wondered? It turns out Michelle Cottle wonders too:

Insomuch as journalists are longing for someone to deliver more entertaining sound bites as he spins them silly and to stroke their famously fragile egos even as he stonewalls them through the next three years, then, yeah, Snow should dramatically improve media relations. But beyond that, I’m not sure anyone should get all that excited about the new era of openness at the Bush bunker.

I wouldn’t be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for that either ? although I imagine Snow will be a little more Ari Fleischer-like when it comes to smoothing out the rough edges of the Bushian spin machine. Really, though, it’s a sign of just how dysfunctional the Bush administration is that something as trivial as getting a new press secretary has everyone swooning. Get a grip, people.

Oh, and one more thing. Did you know that you can put a wireless router right next to a microwave oven and it still works fine? Well, you can.

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