PET PEEVES….Here’s the latest in an occasional series of new (or newly annoying) pet peeves:

  • Pfizer’s new web-based Viagra ad. In a fit of insane cleverness, Pfizer’s marketing wizards decided to make it more convenient for viewers to turn on the ad’s sound. Instead of having to click an icon, you just have to roll your mouse over the ad! Do you know many times their ad suddenly started blaring out of my speakers before I figured out what was going on? Morons.

  • Increasingly long DVD intros. Message to Hollywood: if I rent a DVD to watch in my own home, I don’t want to watch your ads. Disabling the fast forward and skip buttons does nothing except piss me off and make me less likely to rent future movies. Knock it off.

    And while you’re at it, can you fire the artistes who create the cute animations that play before the main menu appears? They aren’t that cute. Just let me watch the damn movie, OK?

  • Michael Mann. Was there a single cliche he left untouched in Miami Vice? Was there a single character who actually acted like a real human being or had a believable relationship with a fellow human being? Was there a single line of true dialog? Yeesh. (And seriously: “one of the greatest gun battles I’ve ever seen on film”? Dude. Please.)

This is now an open thread for random (but essentially trivial) griping. Nothing about world peace or the Connecticut primary. Let’s keep it unserious, please.

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