PEEVES OF THE DAY….With over a century of product design experience behind them, why can’t breakfast cereal companies create a box that opens and closes easily?

There are lots of places where it’s natural to stop and ponder which direction you want to go next. These places include the immediate vicinities of doorways, escalators, airport jetways, elevators, etc. However, these are also the places where, if you stop to ponder your options, you’re going to automatically be in everyone else’s way. So how about if we all learn to take a few steps first and then think about where we want to go next? Deal?

How could Jack McDevitt possibly have gotten nominated for (multiple!) Nebulas? Cauldron may be the worst piece of science fiction I’ve ever read.

Yeah, I’m in a grouchy mood this morning. So sue me. No cats joined us in bed last night and I couldn’t finish the NYT crossword this morning. Blah. Feel free to add your own peeves in comments.