IT’S OFFICIAL….Michiko Kakutani reviews Bob Woodward’s latest tell-all:

In Bob Woodward?s highly anticipated new book, ?State of Denial,? President Bush emerges as a passive, impatient, sophomoric and intellectually incurious leader….It?s a portrait that stands in stark contrast to the laudatory one Mr. Woodward drew in ?Bush at War,? his 2002 book, which depicted the president…as a judicious, resolute leader.

This is what happens when a court turns on its king: the court stenographer dutifully turns right along with them and then tells the whole world about it. That’s why I’ve never held Bob Woodward’s role against him. We need to have at least one court stenographer around so the rest of us know what the court is thinking, and Woodward is as good a choice as anyone.

This is what makes State of Denial useful. It’s not that the anecdotes happen to be more gratifying to liberal ears this time around ? though they are. Woodward’s sources, as ever, are just trying to make themselves look good, and we should take their anonymous stories with the same grain of salt as we did in Woodward’s earlier and more hagiographic recitals.

But these details aren’t really the point, even though it’s the details that get endlessly recycled within the media and the blogosphere. State of Denial may only be a reflection of Woodward’s sources, but for a discerning reader the zeitgeist of those sources is what the book is all about anyway. Thanks to Woodward, we can now say with confidence that it’s not just liberals who think Bush is a nitwit anymore. Bush’s supporters think he’s a nitwit too.

Thanks, Bob. We’re glad you made it official.