BOB WOODWARD’S REPORTING….Franklin Foer passes on the following anecdote about Bob Woodward’s reporting style:

This is what I’m reliably told: Colin Powell has been aggressively jockeying to manage Woodward’s current book project on the Iraq War. He has been especially irate that Cheney ? the Newman to his Seinfeld ? has managed to successfully outmaneuver him by currying favor with Woodward. But has Cheney really secured Woodward’s ear? Or is he just making it seem that way, so that Powell preemptively gives him all the goods? We can be sure that Woodward’s footnotes will never tell.

And thus the great mystery of Bob Woodward. After all, the whipsawing technique he uses is itself morally neutral. It can be a force for good or a force for evil. But which is it in Woodward’s case?

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