FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Domino spent nearly the entire day yesterday curled up in a (very unphotogenic) little black ball upstairs, which meant that we were very close to having Domino-free Friday catblogging today. In a pinch, I was planning to replace her with a picture of a lovely, perfect yellow rose that’s blooming in our garden at the moment — an appropriate choice, as Drum trivia experts know, because “The Yellow Rose of Texas” was the music playing at St. Mary’s Hospital at the moment I was born.

But at the last minute Domino appeared downstairs and started carousing around, growling at Inkblot, and chasing after nonexistent ethereal creatures. When she got tired of all that she decided to settle down on Marian’s lap, which produced the very rare lapblogging photo you see here. I even sort of got permission to post it. I wasn’t forbidden to post it, anyway, which is good enough for me.

Inkblot, for some reason, has become much more enamored of my desk lately, and tends to spend an hour or so there every morning. Sometimes this is just because he feels like it, other times it’s because he wants me to get up and give him possession of the desk chair. The only downside is that sometime he turns around and rests his head on the phone, and then jumps out of his fur when it rings. But I’m sure he’ll get used to it soon. Maybe I need to get him his own iPhone.

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