FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….So you all remember the faux sheepskin pod that we bought for Domino earlier this year, don’t you? Well, in typical feline fashion Domino was inseparable from her pod for about three months and then abandoned it completely. That’s actually fairly normal, but what was odd was that she didn’t just get bored with it, she got actively hostile to it. She’d practically waddle run away from it if we put it anywhere near her.

She also stopped snoozing on the couch at the same time. But then, last week, she jumped up on the couch for the first time in months. Hmmm, I thought, maybe it’s pod season too. Sure enough, I put the pod up on the couch and she made a beeline for it. Ever since, she’s been back in love with it.

It’s up on the bed at the moment, but that’s just because the light is better there, and it was easier to take the pod to her than to drag her downstairs to the pod. But as soon as I tossed it on the bed, she headed right over and curled up to continue her morning snooze. The pod is back! Must be the ferocious Southern California winters.