TUESDAY’S MINI-REPORT…. Today’s edition of quick hits:

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* The Wall Street roller coaster continued its wild ride, with the Dow closing up 270 points (3.3%) today. The S&P and Nasdaq indexes were up by slightly higher percentages.

* New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will be introduced tomorrow as Obama’s choice to lead the Department of Commerce.

* GM says it needs $12 billion to stay in business.

* For Ford, it’s $9 billion. (On a related note, Ford’s CEO drove to D.C. from Detroit. Smart move.)

* If polls have any meaning at this point, Americans seem to approve of Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates joining Obama’s cabinet.

* An independent, congressionally-mandated has concluded that “terrorists will most likely carry out an attack with biological, nuclear or other unconventional weapons somewhere in the world in the next five years unless the United States and its allies act urgently to prevent that.”

* Biden really should try to stick to the script.

* The election may be over, but Virginia Republican Party Chairman Jeff Frederick is still a hack.

* There’s apparently low turnout in Georgia’s Senate runoff election today.

* The U.S. Mint is not at all pleased about those Obama coins that keep popping up on cable TV advertisements.

* The Sci Fi Channel has given the green light to “Caprica,” a “Battlestar Galactica” prequel.

* Note to hunters: sometimes, a deer will fight back.

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