PALIN’S ANN CURRY PROBLEM…. Ann Curry of NBC’s “Today” show was pretty embarrassed in May when she delivered a now-infamous commencement speech at Wheaton College. Curry highlighted several distinguished Wheaton alumni in her remarks, not realizing she was referring to the wrong Wheaton College — she listed graduates of the evangelical Christian college in Illinois, not the Wheaton College in Norton, Mass., where she was speaking.

After realizing her mistake, Curry was understandably mortified, and later apologized to the school. She did her best to be a good sport about the whole mess, joking about it on a late-night talk show.

Well, misery loves company. Ann Curry, meet former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. (via my Monthly colleague Daniel Luzer)

…Palin told a crowd at a fundraiser at California State University in Stanislaus last weekend that Ronald Reagan, personal hero and inspiration, was a California college graduate. She told the cheering crowd: “This is Reagan country, and perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College would become so woven within and interlinked to the Golden State.”

There’s just one problem here: Reagan went to Eureka College in Illinois from 1928 to 1932, the Alaska Dispatch reports. He didn’t move to California until five years after his graduation.

While Palin told her Golden State audience that Reagan attended “California’s Eureka College,” there is no such institution.

I guess it wasn’t “destiny” after all?

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