SCHLAFLY DOES IT AGAIN…. In Michigan’s 9th congressional district, Republicans hope to take down freshman Rep. Gary Peters (D) in what has historically been a relatively “red” area. One of the leading GOP candidates is Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, who apparently thought it’d be a good idea to prove his right-wing bona fides by campaigning with Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the far-right Eagle Forum.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, for one thing, Schlafly could start sharing some of her radical beliefs in public. (via Melissa McEwan)

During her speech at a Saturday fundraiser at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy for Oakland County congressional candidate Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, Schlafly compared unmarried women to welfare recipients.

The conservative commentator is under fire from many women’s rights groups for her comments.

“Seventy percent of unmarried women voted for Obama,” Schlafly said in her speech. “And this is because when you kick your husband out, you gotta have Big Brother government to be your provider.”

Schlafly went on to note that President Obama was elected thanks to support from “the blacks,” before lamenting all the babies born “illegitimately” in the U.S. The Obama administration, she added, “wants to continue to subsidize this group because they know they are Democratic votes.”

As for comment, Raczkowski said Schlafly’s remarks did not “reflect” his “personal beliefs.”

How big of him. Raczkowski has not yet apologized, however, for bringing his unhinged special guest to the area to spew her crazy nonsense.

It hasn’t been a good year for Republicans and women’s issues — see Vitter, David among others — but the ugliness and misogyny on display in Michigan are a reminder that matters might yet get worse.

Update: There are 75 Republican congressional candidates running this year who enjoy the Eagle Forum’s endorsement, financial support, or both. One wonders whether they’re comfortable with Schlafly’s comments — and her campaign contribution.

Steve Benen

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