Ron Fournier struggles with the issue of false equivalence. For him, it doesn’t matter how badly the Republican Party acts as long as he can argue that the Democratic Party is unpopular, too:

This is no way to run a country. When both parties in a two-party system measure themselves not by promises kept and problems solved but by the Pyrrhic victories awarded to least-lousy combatants, you get what we’ve got in this country: Record-low trust in government, a broken political system, and a deeply disillusioned public. These may be the sad legacies of both Boehner and Obama.

To those on the far right and far left who will accuse me of “false equivalence,” I beg your pardon and say, OK, the other side sucks a bit more. Feel better? The rest of us don’t.

It seems to me that Fournier is ready to admit that his side “sucks more” than the Democrats. That doesn’t prevent him from lobbing a “both sides do it” accusation for the bazillionth time, but it still represents a small step of progress.

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