Presidential desk with pills

Cover Story

Just the Medicine
How the next president can lower drug prices with the stroke of a pen. By Alicia Mundy

Editor’s Note

Hillary Opens the Overton Window
The larger political sphere is finally wising u on antitrust policy. By Paul Glastris

Other Features

Top Cop
As police chief of gritty Richmond, California, Chris Magnus embraced Black Lives Matter, all but eliminated fatal shootings by police, and cut the homicide rate in half. By Steve Early

How to Make Conservatism Great Again
To save their party from Trumpism, Republicans need to once again take on monopolists. By Phillip Longman

Higher Red
Why China’s universities may never make the grade as world-class institutions. By Josh Freedman

On Political Books

The Enigma of Ulysses S. Grant
A magisterial new biography fails to crack the mystery of America’s greatest general. By Allen C. Guelzo

Trump’s Supporters Revealed
Two new books underscore the big lesson of 2016: GOP base voters hate big government spending only when the “wrong” people benefit. By Lee Drutman

Seven Habits of Successful Nations
Some unlikely places around the world are tackling some of the world’s toughest challenges and winning. By Charles Kenny

One for the Money
How Alan Greenspan’s disastrous reign at the Fed came to be. By Ryan Cooper

The Revolution Will Be Analyzed
America changed in 1969, but our history isn’t quite complete. By Norman Kelley

What Drives Social Justice?
Author Mark Smith says religion lags behind culture. Maybe it is the other way around. By Samuel Buntz

Pluribus et Unum
The history of American politics as a tug-of-war between our individualist and collectivist identities. By Jennifer Miller

The Strongest Branch of Liberty
Louis Fisher reminds us that historically it has been Congress—dysfunction and all—that has most advanced our rights. By Kevin R. Kosar and Adam Chan

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