GET OVER YOURSELVES, OK?….Can we all please stop this nonsense of reading something in a big-time pundit’s column that sounds vaguely like something we ourselves wrote last week and asking, “Hey, has X been reading little old me!?!” And that goes for all of you, not just the guys I happen to making fun of at the moment.

But hey, speaking of the post I linked to just there, Krauthammer really does sound a lot like Stephen Green, doesn’t he? Of course, that speaks badly for both of them, who seem to think (a) Italy and Spain will be our buddies forever even when their respective governments are eventually taken over by more liberal parties, (b) Germany will remain a hated foe even when its government is eventually taken over by a more conservative party, and (c) India ? India!? would like to join a military alliance with us (and Italy, Spain, Lithuania, and Israel). Nuclear-armed Pakistan would certainly be excited by such an alliance, wouldn’t they?

I’ll give Stephen a break since he’s been swilling Benadryl for the past few days ? although he probably wasn’t when he originally wrote that fantasy ? but Krauthammer, as usual, has no excuse at all. Well, maybe a small IQ and an inability to see two inches beyond his own nose, but no other excuse….

UPDATE: It turns out that Krauthammer’s column is actually devoted primarily to the fact that Guinea is not a very important country:

For unfathomable reasons it matters to many, both at home and around the world, that the United States should have the permission of Guinea to risk the lives of American soldiers to rid the world — and the long-suffering Iraqi people — of a particularly vicious and dangerous tyrant.

Does it occur to Krauthammer that America’s crusade against Iraq might actually affect people other than Americans and Iraqis?