CAT CLONING….Ah, I see that the first cloned cat has been delivered. Why a cat instead of dog? I suspect that it’s probably an easier process. After all, with cats you don’t really have to worry much about the quality of the brain, do you?

Still, Lord help me from reactions like this:

“It’s morally problematic and a little reprehensible,” said David Magnus, co-director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics at Stanford University. “For $50,000, she could have provided homes for a lot of strays.”

Animals rights activists complain that new feline production systems aren’t needed because thousands of stray cats are euthanized each year for want of homes.

These people clearly take themselves way too seriously.

As for myself, I’ve been thinking it would be fun to get a clone of Inkblot. You see, he’s not exactly the sharpest pencil in the pack, and if there were an Inkblot clone wandering around the house, I figure the original Inkblot would start getting confused about whether he was really himself, or whether the other cat was really him. That could lead to hours of amusement.

But not 50 grand worth of amusement. Not 50 grand of my money, anyway. But if any of my readers want to contribute to this investigation into feline metaphysics, I’ll be happy to send you a whisker clipping or something to get the whole cloning process in gear.