WEDNESDAY CAT BOWL BLOGGING….Blogging is officially suspended for the next few hours. I assume this picture makes the reason sufficiently clear.

As you can see, Inkblot has put on his best Heisman Trophy look for this portrait. Or should that be his best Outland Trophy look? Inkblot will never be an Academic All-American, but he’s definitely got the build to be a good offensive lineman.

And now, on with the show ? just as soon as I get back from the store with some guacamole to go with the bag of cardinal and gold tortilla chips that I got for Christmas. As for the game itself, honesty compels me to admit that my faith is shaky this year, but loyalty compels me to predict a Trojan victory anyway. So here it is: USC wins 24-21 on a field goal in the closing minutes.

UPDATE: Well, that kinda sucked. You just knew Vince Young was going to run it in standing up on that final fourth down, didn’t you? But hey ? congratulations to Texas. It was a great game.

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