FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….The best way to get a good picture of a cat with a black face is to use a flash unit. I never do that, partly because I don’t like flash photos much, and partly because I use a wide-angle attachment on my camera that keeps the built-in flash from working. This week, though, I ditched the attachment and played around with the flash, hoping to produce some stunning, hair-sharp Domino photos for you. I’m afraid that didn’t work out very well, but luckily the weather has been lovely and warm recently, prompting everyone to troop into the backyard to play yesterday. I’ll keep working on the flash thing.

On the left is Domino rolling around on the patio, warming up her belly and generally acting frisky after getting over last week’s sniffles. On the right, Inkblot hides on the savannah hoping that a wild can of cat food will wander carelessly by.