FRIDAY CAT VLOGGING….I have newfound respect for Steven Spielberg. Last week I got the bright idea of creating a cat video, and as soon as the thought entered my head I walked upstairs and found Inkblot plucking treats out of the air from Marian’s outstretched hand. It was video gold!

Now, you might be thinking that 20 seconds of a cat eating treats is nothing to get too cocky about. But let me tell you: that remains my best effort even after a further week of intensive feline moviemaking. For starters, as we all know, cats mostly sleep all day. Then, whenever they started doing something, I didn’t have my camera handy. So I zipped off to get my camera, and by the time I got back they were just lying around again. Are they unionized or something?

Anyway, long story short, Domino presented a considerable vlogging challenge. But I promised you a Domino video, and a Domino video you shall have. It’s called “Domino on the Chaise Lounge,” and the title pretty much speaks for itself. I had another one with sound effects in the same genre, but it made Domino look fat and you guys are hell on fat cats. So you get this one instead.

I learned something new this week, too. I figured that since YouTube compresses the video to 320×240, I might as well shoot at that resolution to begin with. But no. The quality of this week’s offering is much worse than last week’s video, which was shot at 640×480. So although the higher resolution takes longer to upload, I guess I’ll go back to using it. Nothing’s too good for our resident housecats, after all.

UPDATE: In comments, disparue says this thing is a “chaise longue,” not a chaise lounge. And that’s correct. You learn something new every day.

However, I fear it’s too late. A Google search for chaise lounge returns 2 million hits vs. 1.1 million for chaise longue. I suspect that this particular bastardization of the language is here to stay.