FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING…. Once every four years, on leap year day, I figure our cats need the day off. So today we have some guest catblogging, courtesy of reader Greg S. of Orlando, Florida. I’ll let Greg have the floor:

A Rare Quantum Event

Three cats in a chair, spontaneously, not posed. The little kitten Cashew was first, and fell asleep upright in the corner. Then Velvet, the 2-year-old black female. Then the big 11-year-old guy Patches — without disrupting either of the other two — amazing! When Patches gets in a chair, the other two usually run.

I imagine everyone has seen though this ruse already and realizes that what really happened is that I didn’t take any pictures of Inkblot and Domino this week and was saved at the last moment by Greg. But let’s all pretend this was a well-planned leap year day thing anyway, OK?

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