Ed’s traveling home today, so I’m going to help out a bit. For starters, here’s a Lunch Buffet:

Markos Kounalakis says “What we are witnessing” with President Obama’s foreign policy “is the end of “big-stick” policy. This is the era of bundled “little-stick” politics.”

Don’t miss Jim Sleeper’s piece on race, reparations, and the need for a universal post-racial culture or John Winslow’s piece on too-big-to-fail banks.

Linda Kinstler takes a look at popular unrest in Turkey.

Nathan Bradley Bethea takes a tough but fair look at the controversy over Bowe Bergdahl.

King Juan Carlos I of Spain said Monday that he is abdicating the throne after a near forty-year reign.

Fred Hiatt continues to foam at the mouth.

God called. He said that he is in need of comic relief and wants Herman Cain to run for president again. No word on Donald Trump.

Meteor Blades has some thoughts on the new EPA power plant regulations.

Peter Gabriel says that he “did not believe the information” but “he walked right out of the machinery.”

What’s on your mind?

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