FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….I’m leaving in a couple of hours for the BlogHer Conference, so this is my last post for the day. In fact, it might be my last post for a couple of days, depending on whether I decide to try to liveblog any of the conference happenings tomorrow. I’m taking Marian’s laptop with me, but conference blogging will depend on a combination of my mood, the cooperation of the technology gods, and whether or not something happens that’s just too good not to blog.

But I’m not leaving you high and dry. In my absence, here’s some garden fresh Friday Catblogging, offloaded from my camera mere minutes ago. As you can see, I interrupted Inkblot’s beauty sleep in our backyard jungle to get these pictures, while Jasmine, as usual, came trotting up to see what was happening as soon as she heard the click of the shutter. She’s a real camera fiend, that cat.

Have a good weekend, everyone. I’ll be back either Saturday or Sunday.

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