FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….Ah, kitties. Let’s forget the cares of the world for a moment, shall we?

On the left, Domino looms out of the darkness into the lovely, lovely sunshine. On the right, Inkblot is up on my desk helping me out by scratching all the pencils in my pencil jar. This is not a view from my window, but a view looking into my window. Perhaps a new schtick for Andrew Sullivan?

And with that, pledge week is over. Almost over, anyway. If today’s catblogging has loosened your hearts or — perhaps more importantly — loosened your wallet, there’s still time to contribute a few dollars to our fundraising drive. To make a donation, click on the thermometer over on the right to go to our contribution page, or just click here. You can donate via check, PayPal, or credit card.