Have to say I’m enjoying a brief romp through French rock ‘n’ roll history. Maybe I’ll have some freedom fries with lunch.

Here are some midday amuses bouche:

* It’s runoff day in Alabama and North Carolina. Daily Kos Elections offers a preview of the few nationally significant contests.

* New CBO report suggests major federal health care spending will represent a declining share of GDP for decades.

* At Prospect Clare Malone offers Republicans a “geopolitical guide to northeast Ohio” in the wake of decision to hold 2016 GOP convention in Cleveland.

* At TNR Rebecca Leber reviews growing evidence that fracking is making Oklahoma Earthquake Country.

* Two former Republican Attorneys General of Utah arrested in connection with long-running corruption investigation.

And in nonpolitical news:

* Three bright orange Tillamook Cheese vans stolen in California. Are there chop shops for vehicles like that?

There was a bit of an argument in the comment thread this morning about 70s French language pop icon Plastic Bertrand. I’ll let you judge for yourself with this music video of his international hit “Ca Plane Pour Moi.” Actually, Plastic Bertrand is Belgian, but as a Francophone I guess he qualifies here.

YouTube video

While you mull that over, for dessert here’s an ingenious bilingual mashup of Sylvie Vartan’s 1965 US/European hit “I Made My Choice” (“Cette Lettre La”). I once actually owned the English recording.

YouTube video

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