The Washington Monthly was founded in 1969 on the notion that a handful of plucky young writers and editors, armed with an honest desire to make government work and a willingness to ask uncomfortable questions, could tell the story of what really matters in Washington better than a roomful of Beltway insiders at a Georgetown dinner party. In our cluttered little downtown DC office, we’re still doing what we have done for more than 45 years, and what fewer and fewer publications do today: telling fascinating, deeply reported stories about the ideas and characters that animate America’s government.

We don’t chase news cycles, or obsess over the endless political horse race. We care about how the government can be improved, and why it hasn’t; who’s a fraud and who isn’t; which ideas ought to be banished from the nation’s capital and which ones deserve to be championed.

We’re not a subsidiary of some giant media company or a mouthpiece for ideologues. We’re an independent voice, listened to by insiders and willing to take on sacred cows—liberal and conservative.

Instead of cynically tearing down institutions and programs, we offer innovative solutions: how to get the best people to work for the government and how to get the best government for the people; how to get teachers who can teach and social workers who can make welfare reform work. We believe in the great American traditions of civic responsibility, caring for the down and out, and giving the average person a break.


Editor in Chief: Paul Glastris
Founding Editor: Charles Peters
Managing Editor: Amy M. Stackhouse
Senior Editor: Phillip Longman
Editor: Daniel Block
Digital Editor: Eric Cortellessa
Editor: Gilad Edelman
Contributing Writer: Nancy LeTourneau
Web Editor: Martin Longman
Art Director: Amy Swan
Interns: Grace Gedye, Kaila Philo 

President and Publisher Emeritus: Markos Kounalakis
Deputy Director: Alice J. Gallin-Dwyer
Vice President, Operations & Marketing: Carl Iseli
Vice President, Circulation & Business: Claire Iseli
Business Manager: Sarah P. Weeldreyer

Contributing Editors

Jonathan Alter, Steve Benen, James Bennet, Thomas N. Bethell, Katherine Boo, Taylor Branch, Nick Confessore, Matt ConnollyMatthew Cooper, Michelle Cottle, Kevin Drum, Gregg Easterbrook, Haley Sweetland Edwards, John Eisendrath, James Fallows, T.A. Frank, Daniel Franklin, John Gravois, Joshua Green, Charles Homans, David Ignatius, Mickey Kaus, Phil Keisling, Anne Kim, Michael Kinsley, Christina Larson, Nicholas Lemann, Suzannah Lessard, Arthur Levine, Joshua Micah Marshall, Jon Meacham, Stephanie Mencimer, Matthew Miller, Rachel Morris, Timothy Noah, Joseph Nocera, John Rothchild, David Segal, Walter Shapiro, Joshua Wolf Shenk, Amy Sullivan, Nicholas Thompson, Steven Waldman, Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Robert Worth

Editorial Advisory Board

Nicholas Lemann, Chair; Clara Bingham, Debra Dickerson, James Fallows, Steven Teles

Founder’s Board

Charles W. Bailey (1929-2012) , Russell Baker, James David Barber (1930-2004), Edgar Cahn, David Halberstam (1934-2007), Murray Kempton (1917-1997), Peter Lisagor (1915-1976), Richard Reeves, Richard H. Rovere (1915-1979), Hugh Sidey (1927-2005), James C. Thomson III (1931-2002)

Board of Directors

Jeffrey Leonard, Chair; Paul Glastris; Nicholas Lemann; Diane Straus


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